Friday, December 19, 2008

Jesus' birthday party

H.T.'s school had a Christmas program a few nights ago and so on our way home we were talking about gifts and the true meaning and reason we celebrate Christmas. So here's how the conversation goes. With much excitement from me.
Mom: H.T. buddy, do you know why we celebrate Christmas?
H.T.: nothing (which we've talked about over and over, Jesus' birthday)
Mom: Well buddy, we celebrate Christmas, because it's Jesus' birthday. So we're really celebrating Jesus' birthday.
H.T.: Uh Huh
Then we started talking about going to Grammy and Poppy's for Christmas and how we were going to get to open Christmas gifts and give them their Christmas gifts from us.
Mom: H.T. do you know that Jesus gave us the best gift of all.
H.T.: Yeah
Mom: Do you know that Jesus came here and lived on earth and that he gave us his life, so that we may know him and live with God forever.
He came to cover all of our sins. Sometimes, like when we don't obey or we hit our sister or say mean things to others, anything that we may do that isn't so nice, these things are sin buddy.
H.T.: Yeah, and dragons aren't nice, they're mean and I can stick my tongue out at them and I can hit them. I can shoot spiders and snakes and stick my tongue out at them.
Mom: Yelp buddy, you sure can.H.T. eating while he decorates.

They got to decorate their cupcakes and then sing Happy birthday to Jesus. It was precious!

Christmas program. He saw me and got excited.


Holly S. said...

Hey, you updated your blog!!! Can you send me your address? I want to send a Christmas card. My email is

Kait said...

I have had that exact conversation VERBATIM. Maddox talks about all of the "BAD GUYS" instead of dragons and spiders. So, I have been there, and it is so frustrating because you really want them to just get it! I think if we keep imbedding it, one day they will ;-) Miss you so much. We need to catch up!

The Cibulas said...

So happy you are back!! Great convo with H--ha ha!. I guess that is what I have to look forward too! Merry Christmas to all of you!