Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My LIFE these days

We seem to be too busy these days. I feel at times I don't have time to sit and play with my children. I am busying myself with too many other projects, whether it be getting ready for vacation, redecorating the house, calling pest control, cleaning, laundry and anything else you can imagine.
My heart breaks when I read a friends blog who has just lost her little girl. I sit, wonder and pray for her and her family and can't imagine what she is going through. Please, pray for this family, if you're interested in her blog, you can go to Atchison family from my blog.
Another good friend (Amy Cook, she's really neat you should read her blog too), one day they will be too old to ask you to play and we'll wish we had played with them when they were asking us to. There are so many times that I've told Hudson I would play with him later because I was having to cook, unload the dish washer, iron or some other thing that's not nearly as important as he is.
Todd and I have really been missing Birmingham lately, not the city itself, but our great friends there. We have been here a little over 2 1/2 years now and still feel homesick. We miss all of you from there so much and wish we could be living our lives with you and your families.
This was a quick update of me and what's going on right now.


Amy said...


Shea said...

I agree, move home!

Holly S. said...

yea, me too...move home!! :)

Kait said...

You are so right!! I am sitting here reading blogs and Maddox has asked me 3 times to play with him. I think I will put the computer away and play. Thank you for the enlightenment!!
Also, I put my vote in with all of the others... Move Home!

Raechel said...

Okay, I know I'm alone on this, but, STAY HERE! :)

Kari, I can't wait to hear about Disney and your fun time with your family! It's been a heck of a week here (I'll fill you in later), but I'd love to get together. Can I stop by and work on paint swatches with you?


NIKKI said...

Hey Kari!!!!!!
It's Nikki Keough! A customer of mine gave me your blog address!!!! Email me so we can catch up!!!

NIKKI said...

Hey girl..yep they are twins! Email me so I can email you back and we can catch up...